Peacock Training Institute

At P.T.I. we want you to learn in a non-intimidating environment. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible in all aspects of training.

​Couples, families, and or business's  please contact us for discounted rates.

     ​Not everyone feels comfortable in a classroom setting or taking instruction online. If you feel that way please contact us so we can satisfy your individual training needs. We can specialize in individual, partners or couples, and families as well. We make it a non-intimidating learning class. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible when learning. That is how you can be most beneficial.


FUNDAMENTALS I:  This is a basic course for anyone who is first starting out. We will help you with the fundamentals of shooting, firearms safety, firearm principles and much more. This course only runs 2 hours including range time. The cost of this course is $240.00. Its ok if we go over the time limit. Its all about fun and learning.