Peacock Training Institute

The Utah Concealed Carry Permit Course is a 4-6 hour course that consists of classroom training only. NO LIVE FIRE AND NO QUALIFICATION! This course is conducted in different locations and dates around Cecil County and surrounding areas. Check in daily on our Events page or on our Facebook page for updates.

The Utah Concealed Carry Permit allows the permit holder to carry their firearm concealed in any of the 30+ listed reciprocating states. (These states may change at any time. It is up to the individual permit holder to check the Utah’s Bureau of Criminal Identification’s website or calling the states you will be traveling in.

This permit currently DOES NOT allow the permit holder to carry their firearm in Maryland, but it would allow them to carry in most of Maryland’s surrounding states and many more.

The class is strictly lecture and lasts a minimum of four hours. There is no written test or any required range time. This class will focus on gun safety, gun use, proper gun maintenance and Utah law regarding use of deadly force. We will also cover basic shooting skills, with out getting into much detail.

​The cost for this course is $100.00. This includes a 52 page reference booklet, finger printing, and passport photo for the application. If you have any questions about this course please feel free to contact us.